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The inspiration for the name The Quirky Raven came about when Paul our Co-founder, was a young boy.  As a child I often spent my days climbing the chestnut trees on Duke Street in County Derry. I have fond memories of knocking all the chestnuts off the branches with sticks. The Duke Street chestnut trees were over 200 years old. They could be seen clearly from many parts of the City . People came from all over the country to watch the Ravens roosting in the evening. It was a true spectacle watching 100’s of Ravens squawking. Did you know the smartest bird in the world is The Raven? In an unfortunate turn of events, the historic chestnut trees were eventually knocked down, and replaced with a car park. History gone in a few hours. Ironically, the Ravens now land on my roof in the evenings and I can still hear them squawking to each other! Long story short – Our brand name came from those quirky squawking Ravens on Duke Street. Only 100m from our Quirky Raven Coffee shop location here on Spencer Road.
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Coffee Heaven

“Food & coffee is amazing, highly recommended” Lorraine Young


“Perfect place for a catch up over a coffee!” Jo McGlinchey

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